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Half Term - Where To Go?

Camping Ca'Savio, Venice

Half terms can be tricky when it comes to family holidays and breaks – one week doesn’t seem enough for a ‘proper holiday’, but it seems a shame not to take the opportunity to jet off for a spot of sun, especially in the February half term, when we’re still ensnared in winter. February is also a classic – if pricey – time for family ski holidays. 

It's also very tempting to get away for the May/June half term, though the summer holidays loom – the weather can be fabulous but you’ll miss the crowds and the hiked-up prices of high summer. Indeed, the May/June half term is a great time to visit places that get too hot in summer, especially with young kids. It's also a good time for budget-friendly short breaks to destinations or attractions that get too crowded for comfort in the summer holidays.

The same goes for October, when it also seems a shame not to take the opportunity to jet off for a spot of winter sun in the last half term of the year, when we’re facing the gloomy prospect of winter.

See below for our tips and specific recommendations for places to go in all three half terms.


Club Med family holidays

Kids go free with Club Med

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For winter sun in the February half term, look for somewhere you can fly to quickly and without jet-lag. Dubai starts to cool down in October but is best saved for February. South Africa is a much longer flight but there’s no jet-lag.  Alternatively, embrace wintry landscapes – although the February half-term is notoriously expensive for ski holidays, you can pursue a whole range of snowy activities in, for instance, Lapland. Or take a half-term city break, where there’ll be so much to do you won’t care about the weather.

In Europe, May/early June and October are great times to visit Portugal, Tenerife, and Turkey, although do bear mind that though the weather on most Mediterranean beaches should be warmish, outdoor pools may not be heated. Slightly further afield but with manageable flights, Egypt, Tunisia and Morocco are good half-term bets as the heat there in summer be uncomfortable. Flights are manageable, too. You might also think about ‘camping’ in a mobile home in a holiday park with a waterpark and other rainy-day facilities – try the South of France and Spain – or brave the elements for some half-term 'glamping' on a British farm, a holiday park in the UK or a theme-park with its own accommodation, or in a cottage by the sea. 

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