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Vietnam Family Package Travel Advice

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destinations, vietnam culture, Are you planning a trip to vietnam? Have you got informations about Vietnam travelvietnam language, vietnam tradidition, vietnam currency, vietnam climate and weather... and what kind of vietnam tours will you join? Belows are some tips we think might help you make decision well: Regarding North Vietnam Tours, it is reccommanded to Tours Halongto enjoy Halong bay cruisewith dozens of deluxe junks cruising around the bay. Overnight on boat is really fantastic. For people who are interested in Vietnam adventure tours, sapa tours are first choices. For those who have tight schedule, take Vietnam optional tours with short tours at some famous tourist sites. For those who would like to experience the whole Vietnam, from the north to the south or vice verse, take Vietnam package tours which will show you Vietnam in close up. After the long trip, may be you take some relaxation at Vietnam Beach Vacation. There are some beautiful beaches in Vietnam with deluxe accommodation such as hotels in Catba, hotels in Hoian, hotels in Nha Trang, hotels in Muine Phan Thiet, hotels in Phu Quoc... Especially, you can stay at luxury hotels in Saigon or hotels in Hanoi with the famous names such as Sofitel Metropole, Caravelle... Regarding Central Vietnam Tours, there many options for your consideration. But first just have a look at these ones: 7 days vietnam classic tour; DMZ tour; Vacation in Danang beach; Vietnam Legend tour... Regading South Vietnam tours, you are suggested to take Mekong delta tours, tours to Can Tho... Besides, if you want to connect your trip further to Vietnam neighbor coustries, take cambodia tours or Laos tours. Hope those words help you have an overview of Vietnam Happy travels
As what i have heard, the bus

As what i have heard, the bus from hanoi to vientiane laos will cover more or less about 20 hours. If you travel with your family, 20 hours is way too long especially if you have kids.

does anyone have any details

does anyone have any details of a bus that runs from hanoi to vientiane in laos. i have read something about it leaving every night. some information on times and cost would be helpful.

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