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12 Family-friendly Mediterranean Dishes to Try this Summer

By TakeTheFamily
Freshly prepared Greek Salad as served at Ikos Resorts.Freshly prepared Greek Salad as served at Ikos Resorts.

We all know that children can be fussy eaters, and that holidays can be tricky if kids find themselves struggling with unfamiliar foods. That’s why it’s important to choose accommodation where you know there’ll be something to please everybody. 

Mediterranean food is a great place to start - healthy but tasty, based on fresh local produce cooked simply and without fuss. With a little gentle encouragement (the gorgeous colours of the dishes will help), it may also assist you in starting to expand your children’s culinary horizons.

We’ve asked one of our favourite hotel partners – Ikos Resorts, which has luxurious hotels on the Halkidiki coast of Greece – for their top Mediterranean dishes to enjoy both on holiday and to re-create when you get home. 

Ikos hotels are great for families in that they offer several different à la carte restaurants – so you and the kids can sample classic and modern Greek dishes as well as Italian, French Provençal and Asian specialities. Uniquely, they also offer guests the chance to sample local eateries at no extra charge.


• Greek salad with feta cheese and Halkidiki olives.

• Lamb kleftiko (cooked in parchment paper) with rustic potatoes. 

• Fried cod with French fries and salad.

• Baked halva semolina, apple and strawberry marmalade.


• Beef carpaccio with parmesan and rucola.

• Ravioli with ricotta and spinach in fresh tomato sauce.

• Pizza Margherita.

• Italian trifle with Alchermes.

Provence, France

• Steamed mussels with aromatic herbs.

• Grilled chicken paillard (pounded and grilled) with rosemary, creamy polenta and olives.

• Fried calamari with French fries and salad.

• Iced nougat with red fruit sauce.

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