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Dog-friendly Family Holidays - Our Top Tips and Recommendations

Dog-friendly holiday parcs with Eurocamp.Dog-friendly holiday parcs with Eurocamp.

Dogs are part of the family and deserve to come on holiday with you whenever that’s feasible. And that’s certainly true of mainland Europe, and especially of holiday parcs, where you get space, freedom and the chance to take your four-legged friend on amazing beach or countryside walks during your break. Many holiday parcs have dog-friendly accommodation options. We’ve shared what you need to think about when booking a holiday with your dog in tow – and shared our favourite holiday parcs with dogs.

• Talk to your vet about your travel plans: where you’re going, how you’re travelling and what you plan to do there. He or she will give you all the information you need, including applying for your PETS passport.

• Give your family the exact details of your dog so that your holiday is correctly booked in line with the PETS requirements.

• Swot up on campsite etiquette. Though dog-friendly, they have specific rules about dogs, including the need to keep them on a lead, keep any noise to a minimum, and clean up after them.

• Be smart when travelling in hot weather. Never leave an animal in a vehicle in direct strong sunshine and/or high temperatures.

•. In terms of coming home, your dog can only enter the UK with an approved transport company on an authorised route, or he or she will have to be quarantined. Eurocamp holiday packages use only approved travel operators, but if you book your own travel element you need to check all details with your chosen transport company.

• Check the microchip is correctly recorded on all required documents. And prior to travelling, make sure to always update the microchip registration database, where your dog's microchip number is recorded, with your holiday details so that he or she can be re-united with you as quickly as possible in the unlikely event that you get separated while you are away.

• Ensure you get any booster vaccinations on time by checking the 'valid until' date on your PETS documentation. Your dog has to be re-vaccinated against rabies by this date.

• Contact an overseas vet overseas in plenty of time before you plan to return or come to the UK to arrange for your dog to get tapeworm treatment (they must be treated not less than 24 hours and not more than 120 hours or 1–5 days before being checked-in with an approved transport company for the journey into the UK). If you require assistance calling and booking an appointment, Eurocamp has on-site couriers who are glad to help. Before you leave the surgery, check that the documentation has been completed (especially that the date and time of treatment, using the 24-hour clock, have been filled in, and that the products used to treat your dog have been noted).

Take a look at Eurocamp's top 10 dog-friendly parcs for the best holidays with dogs, where your dog can join you from as little as £3 per night (a lot less money and a lot more fun than a kennel!). 

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