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How do YOU feel when you get back from a family holiday?

How do you family holidays make you feel?How do you family holidays make you feel?

In our most recent poll, we found that 32% of our readers feel in need of a break without the kids after returning from a family holiday, and 31% say they feel ‘happy but tired’.

That compares with only 7% of parents who feel ‘totally invigorated’. However, 31% of respondents say they feel ‘ready to book for next year’ as soon as they get home.

Says our head of content and family travel expert Rhonda Carrier, ‘For me, these figures demonstrate our ambivalent relationship with family holidays. Most of us absolutely love getting away from daily routines and chores, and relish the chance to spend more time with the kids.

“But there’s no denying that this can be hugely tiring – especially if you choose an activity holiday, or a multi-centre holiday that involves lots of travelling around. And yet despite that, many of us find the energy to start planning next year’s holiday as soon as we get back!”

To counter that feeling of exhaustion, we’ve compiled a list of holidays and breaks that combine quality family time with the chance to parents to recoup a little energy.

• Spend three or four nights camping but round off your break by splurging on a night or two at a family-friendly luxury hotel with a spa and kids’ activities or childcare.

• Hit the themeparks of Orlando but reward yourself for all that schlepping around between rides with a few days’ chilling out at a Florida beach resort.

• Book a family adventure holiday experiencing local culture, but build on a couple of days at the end to flop in a luxury resort.

•  Go on holiday with grandparents, giving all the family time to spend precious moments together but also parents the chance to get some time off courtesy of on-hand babysitters.

• Alternatively, book yourself a parent’s break for a couple of weeks after your return, to reward yourself for catching up with the laundry and admin.

Check out our favourite active family holidays and breaks.

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