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Holiday Bust-ups, and How to Avoid Them

By TakeTheFamily
Holiday bust-upsHoliday bust-ups

As a family, do you argue more or less on holiday? That’s the subject of our latest poll, inspired by recent research showing that 78% of couples have at least two major bust-ups during a fortnight’s holiday. How does that translate, we wondered, into family breaks? Isn’t travelling with kids even more stressful, on the whole?

It’s one of life’s great ironies that what is supposed to be one of the most relaxing times of the year turns into an occasion for huge stress for many parents. This starts as early as even choosing which holiday to go on – finding one that will fit your budget as well as offering something to please all members of the family isn’t easy. Then there’s all the research and planning – an extremely time-consuming task that we here at Takethefamily try to make easier for you with our expert destination guides, tried-and-tested recommendations and detailed tips pages.

As someone who’s been known to be in tears on the way to the airport after the stress of packing for five and leaving the house on time, I may be the person LEAST qualified to share my tips on avoiding rows and stress on holiday. But here they are. I’ll be trying hard to keep most of them in mind on my next trip.

1/ Attempt to make choosing and planning a holiday fun by involving everyone. Make your research, either online or via guidebooks or brochures, into a family activity so that you don’t feel overwhelmed by having to make all the decisions and arrangements. 

2/ Do NOT leave your packing to the last minute – it’s a surefire way to a nervous breakdown if you’re travelling with kids. Write detailed lists in advance and tick things off. If there are two parents traveling, divvy up responsibilities between you. Then there’s no arguing over who’s to blame for forgetting something.

3/ Make your journey as stress-free as possible by planning ahead – where to stay and where to eat en route, and so on. If flying, check-in online if possible, and consider paying for airport lounge access. With children’s rates available, free Wifi, newspapers and food and drink, many lounges often pay their way – especially if you time them to coincide with meal-times, as you’d often be stumping up an equivalent amount to eat in an airport restaurant anyway.

4/ If driving during any part of your holiday, take or hire a SatNav. I resisted these for many years, confident in my map-reading skills. But having missed many a signpost while attending to kids’ needs in the back of the car, culminating in screaming matches with my husband, I gave in and have never looked back. An added bonus is that I now also get some reading time in the car, confident in the knowledge we’re heading in the right direction…

5/ On holiday itself, live by the mantra ‘Something for me/us, something for them’. An art gallery followed by a farm-park, a posh restaurant followed by a picnic on the beach – pleasing everyone is all about balance. No one can be happy all the time, but you can keep things ticking over nicely if most people are happy most of the time.

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