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Lemnos Family Holiday & Breaks

The port of MyrinaThe port of Myrina
Flying Time 3.5hrs
Carbon Footprint 2.04 CO2
Timezone GMT +2
Currency Euro



One of the northernmost of the Aegean Islands, Lemnos is also one of the most untouched by virtue of having been home to a sizeable army base and also because it had a very erratic ferry service. Now the army presence has been considerably reduced, Lemnos is becoming an easier and more attractive destination for family holidays, with plenty of middle-market accommodation if lots of (stingless!) jellyfish.

Things to do with kids in Lemnos

The west of the island is more barren than the east, though with some lovely empty beaches. Head for Avlonas, which is pristine, or the town beaches of Romeïkós Yialós and Toúrkikos Yialós and Rihá NeráKondias is the most appealing of the towns in this area. Go now before developers do here what they have done to so many other parts of the country. 

The east is more bucolic – low-lying, with beautiful vegetation, creeks and sandy beaches. The best beach is probably Keros, and there are several interesting grottos in the area.

Myrina, the capital is a small, quiet, fairly appealing place with a few Ottoman remains and a very good archaeological museum.


For eating out, see our Greece destination guide.

When to go to Lemnos

Lemnos has a similar climate to the other islands of the north-eastern Aegean but is drier. Strong winds occasionally blow but rainfall is very rare. The hottest times are late July and August, averaging 27°C, although from late April to mid October temperatures are already in the low 20°Cs.

Although the number of visitors to Lemnos is increasing, this is only recent, so family holidays won't be affected by the mad rush associated with some of the other Greek islands.

How to get to Lemnos

Lemnos is a 3hr 30min–4hr flight from London; flights will normally be included in your holiday package.


Lemnos isn't the place for the kind of budget offerings and slasher deals you can find elsewhere in Greece; on the other hand, its relatively untouristy nature means you can count on very reasonable prices while you're exploring the island.

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