Discover the world on a family adventure, like this one in Egypt with Intrepid.
Discover the world on a family adventure, like this one in Egypt with Intrepid.

Family Adventure & Safari Holidays

These days you can treat the kids to all manner of life-changing experiences around the globe, from France to Borneo, from Iceland to the Galapagos islands. Even those with very young children are now catered for, and there are tailor-made teen adventures too. See our hand-picked family adventure holidays in Europe, North America, Latin America, Africa and the Middle East, and Asia. We're also now featuring some mini-adventures, right here in the UK

Adventure holidays are great for tackling destinations you may be wary of doing alone, such as Thailand, Sri Lanka, Costa Rica or Jordan, or trying new activities. They can also be a way of linking holidays with education and the National Curriculum, and of discovering cultures not easily accessible on more mainstream holidays. Many adventure holidays involve wildlife encounters, and there are usually also activities, some optional. 

Accommodation might be on a working farm or a wild campsite, and you might even spend a night or two on a train. Sometimes you stay and eat with native families, giving you insight into other ways of life as well as the knowledge you’re helping sustain local communities. Some operators give you the option to book your travel separately. See our great deals and latest offers with small-group activity holiday partners including: 
Explore!: Family adventures including new ‘Lite’ trips in Europe.
G Adventures: Exciting trips with kids, from the Andes to South Africa. 
Intrepid Travel: Child-friendly itineraries from Vietnam to the Galapagos.

See also our guide to family activity holidays, many of which overlap with adventure holidays.


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Whale-watching, dolphin-spotting, hiking, mountain-biking and other family fun in the Azores, ideal for those with kids 8+.
Discover the history and cultures of Egypt on this family adventure where you sleep on a train and under the stars; ideal for kids from 5 years of age. Solo-parent tours available.

Intrepid Travel

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A long way from the typical 'child friendly holiday', Intrepid Travel's family adventures give your kids a chance to discover the world as you do And the best thing is there's just as much for parents to enjoy too.


• Bear in mind that despite the generally high prices, this is generally not a luxurious holiday option. However, accommodation is clean, comfortable and often characterful.

• Ask yourselves if you’re the kind of family who enjoys sharing company for a week or two – most adventure-holiday operators take small groups of 15–20, hence 3–5 families. It might even be an idea to check with your operator if any other families have already booked on a given trip and date, to find out if your children will be with other kids of around the same age (especially if you are travelling with one child).

• Take into account that adventure holidays may also not be right for families who like to go their own way and not be tied down to schedules and arrangements made by others.

• Consider whether your kids of an age when they can adapt to a new schedule – one that may differ from one day to the next. If you have young kids who still nap, have rigid mealtimes and/or are limited in what they eat, you may find this kind of holiday too stressful.

• Think about whether your family is fit enough for the kind of holiday you’re planning. Though itineraries for family adventure holidays are less taxing than adult holidays, there’ll still normally be a reasonable amount of walking and excursions, often in conditions hotter than kids are used to.

• Research your destination before booking – if lots of innoculations are required, or the region is malarial, you need to plan ahead (and may even want to look elsewhere if travelling with younger kids). See our Healthy & Safe Family Holidays and Breaks page.

• Before you arrive, prepare yourself for culture shock and for the need for time to adjust to your new surroundings. Warn your kids that locals may take a strong interest in them but that this is normally a friendly interest.

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