Boating on the Mecklenburg Lakes, Germany
Boating on the Mecklenburg Lakes, Germany

Best Products for Family Cruises and Boating and Sailing Holidays

Bobbing along on a crest of a wave means you can be at one with the elements around you. But what works wonders for your soul can play havoc with your looks. We've hunted down the best products that will stave off the effects of the weather on your next family cruise or boating or sailing holiday.  

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There's nothing like feeling the wind in your hair, but there's also nothing quite like the tangled and drying effect it can have, especially on kids. After a day spent on deck, wash and detangle with DGJ Organics Wild n Crazy Kids Swim Shampoo and Body Wash (£3.99, Its gentle formula, including organic blueberry and coconut extract, means you can rinse their hair through daily as well as using it as a bodywash. It also neutralises the harmful effects of chlorine so is also good if hitting the swimming pool.

Alternatively, save on packing space and take one shampoo for the whole family. Organic brand Melvita's Capiforce Balancing Shampoo (£13, is gentle enough for kids as well as adults. The creamy formula contains passionfruit and argan oil to restructure and repair the hair and shea butter to deeply moisturise. After washing, smooth on Melvita Capiforce Detangling Balm (£13, to repair dry and damaged hair and remove knots and tangles. Hibiscus and baobab protects and nurtures, and moringa and brazil nut softens, so brushing is easy and pain-free.

Professional Haircare’s new Caviar Repair Instant Recovery Shampoo and Conditioner (£33.50 each, 01925 578000) has been created with Strand-Building Proteins to rebuild, resurface and restore hair to a damage-free state with improved manageability, so is perfect for hair that has become coarse and damaged after too much time spent out in the great outdoors. 

A leave-in conditioner is great to keep damage at bay on a blustery day. Naked Style Miracle Worker (£4.99, is a silicone-free protector that tackles frizz, split ends and flyaway hair. For something more intense, take a treatment product such as L'Oreal Professional Mythic Oil Masque (£14.30,, with argan, avocado, cottonseed and grapeseed oils. It begins to work after just three minutes so can be quickly rinsed off, but for really damaged hair, slather it on while you relax in the evening, or even while you sleep.

Shield hair during the day with Philip Kingsley's Weatherproof Hairspray (£9.50,, with UV protection. This is the ultimate way to ensure your hair is not damaged, and stays in place, no matter what the weather.


Putting up the mainsail and manning the tiller, and everything else that is involved in taking charge of a boat, can mean long periods of time when hands are exposed, so pack a handcream to stop chapping and sore patches. Nuxe's Rêve de Miel Hand and Nail Cream (£7.50, is a repairing, non-greasy cream tested for effectiveness in icy conditions in Canada. It contains Chilean rose, avocado and sweet almond oil to fortify damaged tissues, and acacia honey to repair damaged and dry skin.

For longer journeys, Qsilica Repair Strengthening Hand and Nail Cream (£10.95, contains Qsilica, a form of silica, a mineral natural to sand and quartz, to provide antioxidants and vitamins to skin, aiding elasticity and suppleness of skin cells.

Natio Wellness Hand Cream (£7.60, is a good option for hotter climates, SPF15 and infused with antioxidant pomegranate to protect against damaging UVA/UVB rays. It's also extra-rich so can be applied in the morning to work throughout the day.

Dove's Pro-Age Nourishment Hand Cream (£3.45,, aimed at older members of the family, nourishes and helps mature skin repair itself while reducing the appearance of age spots with AHAs, Vitamin B3 and natural skin lipids.

Lastly, don't forget a hand sanitizer to keep little (and big) hands fresh and free from germs. Green & Spring's Antibacterial Hand Gel (£7.50, blends the antibacterial properties of rowan berries with refreshing rosemary and nourishing seaweed to kill 99.9% of germs while hydrating and nurturing the skin.


Being outdoors all day can quickly dry out the complexion. Oriflame's Oxygen Boost Day Shield SPF 30 (£11.95,, which comes in a travel-handy 30ml size, contains oxygenating brown algae and aqua-boost, a complex to keep skin continuously moisturised, as well UV protection. Very dry skin will drink up Orico's Superico Vitamin Rich Face Oil  (£28,, perfect for when you have been outside all day, with natural plant oils, tamanu, rosehip and jojoba, to instantly rehydrate and restore skin to radiance without it feeling greasy.

Essential Care's Organic Ultra Rich (£18, is a multi-tasking, fragrance-free balm formulated as an emollient for eczema, dry and sensitive skin. It is particularly effective on damaged skin on the face or body, and rough, dry patches, and is kind enough for all ages to use.

Spritz on Caudalie's organic Grape Water (£6, to keep cool under pressure. The perfect travelling companion, the mist refreshes, tones and moisturises and can be used on young and sensitive skin.

Start and end your day with the velvety Pond's Eye Contour (£7.99,, fortified with vitamins and elastin to ensure the delicate skin around the eyes is not neglected, reducing puffiness and smoothing out wrinkles.

For skin that feels particularly taut, Dr Renaud's Raspberry Soft Mask (£24.50, targets parched skin with a special combination of active ingredients that helps regulate moisture levels: soothing raspberry extract and a nourishing complex of honey, pear, fig and passionfruit extracts.

Stave off chapped lips with Etat Pur Lip Care B43 (£5.60,, which repairs cracked and damaged lips caused by the wind, cold or heat, or try Lanolips' 101 Ointment (£11,, which leaves lips silky smooth for eight hours. The latter is 100% natural, fragrance-free and colour-free and can double-up to be used on nappy rash on new-born babies, and on minor cuts, cracked heels and eczema flare-ups.

Lastly, if the elements turn against you, Aromatherapy Associates Support Breath Essence (£16.50, is a refreshing, antibacterial inhalation essence with eucalyptus, peppermint and tea tree to reduce stuffiness, ease breathing and restore calm. Sprinkle a few drops of the antimicrobial blend onto a tissue and breathe in deeply…  You'll soon see the horizon come into view again.

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