Exploring the treetops of Go Ape in Kent.
Exploring the treetops of Go Ape in Kent.

A Family Day Out at Go Ape Bedgebury, Kent

I always knew that my brother was a monkey at heart but I didn't know that he could climb like one. Mind you, I didn’t know my dad Andy could either.

When we arrived at the Go Ape site in Bedgebury, Kent, there was a life-sized wooden chimp there to greet us, as well as some safety ropes – of course! Then we got onto the actual course, which consists of four action-packed stages and obstacles suspended 10 metres above my mum’s panic zone (which is about two metres…).

Each stage consists of many crossings, between trees. At Bedgebury there’s a total of 41 crossings, the longest one being 20 metres, then a huge zipwire to finish off. At 146 metres, the latter is the perfect finishing touch to a thrill-seekers' best day out.

My favourite crossing was a massive, Tarzan-inspired swinging rope – you jump off a very high platform into nothing, then drop for what seems like hours, before being swept into a vast net. 

I'd been to Go Ape before, a few years ago for a friend's party, but I was too scared to do the last section then. Now I’ve conquered the whole course, I feel so annoyed with myself for not doing it then. 

Mum followed us round and was scared stiff by the end (despite not actually going on the course), but I bet deep down she would love to be able to fly, swing, climb, walk and run – all at up to 13 metres above people’s heads.

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