Ben Fogle.
Ben Fogle.

An Interview with Ben Fogle About Family Adventure Holidays

Intrepid TV presenter Ben Fogle recently appeared in London to talk about why encouraging children to explore the world while young is beneficial, chat about some of his own adventure highlights and promote his book The Accidental AdventurerTake the Family caught up with him for his thoughts on family travel.

Hello Ben. What are your earliest memories of travel or holidays with your family? What were your favourite places? And where did you dream of going?
As my father was a vet, I’ve always been passionate about nature and animals. I spent lots of time in Canada, as my father and his family are Canadian, and lots of time was in the wooden cottage my grandfather built on the lake. I can still remember a week-long holiday in Algonquin Park with Dad.

You describe family adventures as "the perfect way to bond together over shared experiences". Your own children are still a little young for adventure holidays, but what kind of places are you looking forward to taking them?
I can’t wait to share adventures with my family. I think you can have an adventure anywhere, home or abroad, and I can’t wait to show them our wonderful country here in the UK, as well as exploring other cultures.

You are an ambassador for the World Wide Fund for Nature. Do you think adventure travel can make the next generation more environmentally aware? If so, how?
I think adventure travel can make you environmentally aware. I’ve seen first-hand the impact we are having on the world and our fragile environment. It teaches you to care for and respect our planet. 

What are your top tips for the best adventure holidays with children?
The world is a rapidly changing place, and it’s always changing, but I don’t see how you can go wrong with an African safari. It’s your chance to see some amazing wildlife.

There’s a huge and eclectic variety of destinations and ways to see wildlife, from walking safaris in Botswana to a boat down the Amazon. For me, Tanzania is the ultimate place to go for spotting wildlife. It’s got some of Africa’s most iconic places, the Serengeti and Ngorongoro Crater, where I have seen more wildlife than anywhere else on the African continent.

Can you put your finger on the most one important thing that your years of travel have taught you, and that you'd like to hand on to your own kids?
To respect our planet. You only have one life – live it!

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