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Kids’ Influence on Holiday Choices Grows

Thursday 04 December 2014

Booking a family holiday

According to new research carried out by Thomas Cook, one in five children have booked a holiday themselves and a further 18% have helped book one.

The survey of 2,000 parents found that ‘Generation Z’ – those born from 2000 on – are exerting more of an influence on holiday destinations and activities than in the past, with 74% of parents saying that 'all' or 'some' of the holiday is influenced by their offspring. According to Dr Paul Redmond, who collaborated with Thomas Cook on the findings, this is because of kids’ 'confidence in travel and digital expertise'.

About a quarter of parents claim that their holiday is decided by their offspring’s needs and a further 49% say they give their kids equal say when booking family holidays. A much smaller number (16%) admit to being 'selfish' and booking the holidays they want without any regard for the kids, and 5% prefer to go away without the children.

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