Wales Set to Get Northern Hemisphere's Largest Zipwire Experience

The largest zipwire experience in the Northern Hemisphere, which will launch to the public at Bethesda in North Wales on 16 March 2013, will see visitors fly through the skies for more than 1.5km  at speeds of up to 120km/h. 

Set in the world’s biggest old slate quarry, Zip World ( will take you more than 200m in the air above a mountain lake – if you don't close your eyes in fright, you'll enjoy panoramic views over Snowdonia to Anglesey and even the Isle of Man on a clear day.

The experience will begin with a 3 hour guided, interactive exploration of the Welsh mountains in an ex-military vehicle. You will then find your feet with a short taster on the Little Zipper before stepping up to the big wire.

The minimum age is 7 and the minimum height 1.2m. Prices start at £45 for adults and £36 for children.

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