Intrepid family adventure holidays
Intrepid family adventure holidays

Intrepid Travel

The clue is in the title. These holidays are far removed from your average family break and you won’t spot a packed resort or kids’ club on the horizon. The trips are tailored for families who want to discover the real world, far off the beaten track, with local guides to help you along the way. Intrepid Travel covers trips in The Americas, Europe and Turkey (but not as you know it), Asia & Himalaya, Africa and the Middle East.

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Groups are small, with an average of 10 people, so you and your kids will find it easy to make friends. Most of the trips are tailored for kids over five or 11 year and a 3-for-2 kids policy operates on all of them so you’re not penalised if you’ve got a large family. Get ready to meet incredible people and immerse yourselves in new cultures. The smallness of the groups means you can travel like the locals; jumping on buses, boats, rickshaws, trains and camels to get from A to B, a far better option than travelling en masse in a soulless coach. Fussy eaters will soon shed their inhibitions; food is always local, so no kids’ menus but the chance to learn new tastes along the way.

Intrepid trips are popular with solo parents, offering the chance to go to places you may not feel up to if travelling on your own with kids. They also provide ready-made playmates for children and adult company for you. Due to increasing demand, Intrepid has also introduced specially designed single-parent holidays exclusively for lone parents and their kids.

The list of trips is an extensive one but you might be sampling the delights of a market in Delhi, visiting a sumo wrestling school in Tokyo, cycling through the temples of Bagan (Angkor Wat’s rival), visiting tea plantations in Sri Lanka, hiking through the Peruvian jungle or visiting the ruins of Pompeii. Or perhaps you prefer to find out what the fuss is about in Nepal or explore the backwaters of Kerala on a houseboat. 

While there are hotels throughout the trip so your kids can plunge into a pool, they’re far more likely to be paddling in jungle streams or experiencing wild swimming at its best. Accommodation is always comfortable but basic and could be anything from a desert tent under the stars, overnight sleeper trains in Vietnam, a jungle eco-camp in Borneo or a cave hotel in Tunisia. 

While the itineraries are packed with adventures every day, everything is taken care of for you. No need to worry about transfers or any other irksome details – Intrepid Travel does it all for you. 


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Trips provided by Intrepid Travel

Morocco Family Adventure Holiday

Experience the fun of Morocco; the bustling markets, rural villages and the Atlas Mountains. Solo-parent tours available.

Cuba Family Adventure Holiday

A family adventure of a lifetime in Cuba, with fantastic beaches, jungle-covered mountains, vibrant culture and stimulating history.

Peru Family Adventure with Teenagers

Hike part of the Inca Trail, mountain bike in the Sacred Valley, explore Cusco, paddle on Lake Titicaca and stay with a local family on a floating island. What an adventure!

Nepal Family Adventure Holiday with Teenagers

Trek through the foothills of the Himalayas and experience a jungle safari in one of the best wildlife reserves in Asia.

Sahara Family Adventure Holiday with Teenagers

Leave everyday life behind as you journey by camel across the sand dunes of the Sahara Desert and explore the souks in Morocco.

Western USA Family Holiday with Teenagers

A Western-inspired adventure trip designed for families with teenagers, seeing the amazing sites of the Grand Canyon and Yosemite, as well as Las Vegas and Los Angeles.

Borneo Family Adventure Holiday

A trip to grab the imagination - a real family adventure in the heart of Borneo where you will see orangutans and snorkel the tropical waters.

Botswana Family Safari with Teenagers

Escape to the untouched wilderness of Botswana to experience some of the most diverse scenery and wildlife.

China Family Adventure Holiday

A journey of stunning contrasts through China. Modern, natural and ancient wonders; this trip has it all for a family adventure.

Kenya Family Adventure Holiday

Meet the Maasai tribe, spot the Big 5 on safari (if you can) and immerse yourself into the wonderful Kenyan culture.

Costa Rica Family Adventure Holiday

Costa Rica
Steamy rainforests, beaches and mountains make Costa Rica the perfect place to observe tropical nature. Solo/teen tours available.

Egypt Family Adventure Holiday

Discover the history and cultures of Egypt on this family adventure where you sleep on a train and under the stars; ideal for kids from 5 years of age. Solo-parent tours available.

Galapagos Family Adventure Holiday

Ecuador and the Galapagos
A child-friendly adventure holiday of a lifetime; exploring Ecuador and the Galapagos offers some stunning sites and rare creatures.

Jordan Family Adventure Holiday

See a city built of rock, take a desert jeep safari, ride camels and visit a crusader castle in Jordan.

Northern India Family Adventure Holiday

Travel around the Golden Triangle, take a safari and marvel at the famous Taj Mahal in India. Solo-parent tours available.

Thailand Family Adventure Holiday

A combination of culture, friendly people, exciting activities, yummy food and stunning scenery in on this family adventure holiday in Thailand. Solo-parent tours available.

Summer Pyrenees Family Adventure Holiday with Teenagers

Perfect for families with teens, you will go biking, walking and white-water rafting in the fresh air of the beautiful Pyrenees mountains, in Andorra.

Tanzania Family Safari

See iconic animals up close and in the wild on this family adventure through Kenya into Tanzania.

Japan Family Adventure Holiday

Fast-paced technology and archaic culture in Japan - discover the contrasts of this captivating country.

Sri Lanka Family Adventure Holiday

Sri Lanka
Head to Sri Lanka to discover the fascinating culture, varied landscapes and wildlife of this tropical paradise in the Indian Ocean on this 12-day family adventure.

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