Family waiting at the airport
Family waiting at the airport

On The Go

Trains, planes and automobiles and any other mode of transport you care to imagine… We've got it covered when it comes to advice about the practicalities of travelling with kids. From getting to the airport to counteracting the effects of jetlag, plus some suggestions for games, songs and activities to keep you all entertained en route, we have all the advice you need straight from the mouths of our family travel experts and other well-travelled parents.

Family Holiday Bust-ups, and How to Avoid Them

Rhonda looks at ways to keep the peace while you’re away.

Flying When Pregnant

Advice on flying during pregnancy, from when to travel to what to wear.

Tips for Taking The Ferry with Kids

Our advice for family holidays or breaks by ferry, from the pros and cons to seasickness prevention.

Tips for Taking The Train with Kids

Our advice on using rail services for family holidays and breaks, from getting the best deals to keeping the kids occupied.

Flying With Kids

Tips to ensure flying on holiday with kids is a hassle-free and perhaps even enjoyable experience...

Getting To The Airport

Getting to the airport with your family cheaply and with minimal hassle, with tips on everything from parking to places to stay nearby.

Songs And Games

Our suggestions for songs and games to help avoid that ubiquitous cry 'Are we nearly there yet?'

Taking Or Hiring A Car

Advice on whether to take your car with you or hire a car in your destination.

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