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Family Adventure Holiday Tips

Giraffe stampede on the Serengeti plain (Tanzania)Giraffe stampede on the Serengeti plain (Tanzania)

Adventure holidays can be a great way of tackling destinations and/or activities you might be wary of doing alone. They can also be a clever means of linking in holidays with educational themes and the National Curriculum, and of discovering cultures that might not be easily accessible on more mainstream holidays. On the other hand, they may not be right for families who like to go their own way and not be tied down to schedules and arrangements made by others.

• Before even looking up your options, ask yourselves if you’re the kind of family who enjoys sharing company for a week or two – most adventure-holiday tour operators (see below) take small groups of 15–20 people, so 3–5 families. It might even be an idea to check with your operator if any other families have already booked on a given trip and date, to find out if your children will be with other kids of around the same age (especially if you are travelling with one child).

• Are your children of the age when they can adapt to a new schedule – and indeed one that may differ from one day to the next? If you have young children who still nap, have rigid mealtimes and/or are very limited in what they eat, you’ll probably find this kind of holiday too stressful.

• Is your family fit enough for the kind of holiday you’re thinking about? Though the itineraries for family adventure holidays are less taxing than for adult holidays, there’ll still probably be a reasonable amount of walking and excursions so you need to be sure your kids are up to it – specially if it’s going to be hotter than they’re used to.

• Research your destination before booking – if lots of innoculations are required, or the region is malarial, you need to plan ahead, and may even want to look elsewhere if travelling with younger kids. See our Health & Safety page for more information.

• Before you arrive, prepare yourself for culture shock and for needing some time to adjust to your new surroundings. Warn your kids that locals may take a strong interest in them but that this is normally a friendly interest.

Great destinations for family adventure holidays: Andorra, Brazil, Egypt, Finland, Jordan, Morocco, Peru, South Africa, Sri Lanka, Tanzania, Thailand.

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