Packing the essentials for a holiday
Packing the essentials for a holiday

What To Take

Get your family holiday, break or day out off to the right start with these packing check lists to ensure you don't leave anything essential behind. And if you're wanting inspiration for family holidays and trips themselves, then visit our Family Favourites or Special Offers pages.

Take the Family's packing checklists

Use the following Take the Family checklists to ensure you take the right stuff with you on your break or holiday.

For Everyone

• Sun cream, remember that younger children have far more sensitive skin and therefore need a higher SPF cream

• First aid kit (see health section)

• Electricity adaptors (especially for baby monitors)

• Portable DVD player or tablet - if your trip will involve lengthy driving

• Backpack

• Books and toys

For Babies

• Nappies - although they are generally available wherever you are likely to go, there is nothing worse than being caught out on the evening of arrival, for example.

• Swim nappies - not as widely available

• Jars of formula - generally available at your destination, though your child may take a while to get used to different flavours

• Bottles and sterilising equipment

• Accommodation 'proofing' tape - for electrical sockets or loose wires

• Play mat or gym - these are generally light and easy to bring, and your child will welcome the familiarity

• Small paddling pool, depending on destination

• Lightweight buggy

• Favourite cuddly or easy to pack toy - keep one or two hidden, on standby for difficult 'moments'

• Travel cot - even if your accommodation can provide one, it can be a good idea to take a travel cot that your baby knows

• Baby monitor

• Baby carrier or sling

• Mosquito net - depending on your destination

• Car seat - consider taking a car seat. If you are travelling on a tight budget and renting a car you can save considerable sums. If you are taking taxi transfers at a resort these may not come equipped with child seats. And child seats can prove useful if you have booked a seat on a plane or if your designated seat is a bulkhead one with table.

For Toddlers

• Potty

• Swim wings and, possibly, wetsuit (which also helps protect against the sun)

• Baby monitor

• Drawing materials

• One or more items of familiar food like Marmite to help with difficult moments

• Car seat - see note above

• Small speaker

For Children

• Torch

• Wetsuit

• Favourite games or toys (subject to space and noise!)

• Writing and drawing materials, including a diary

• Familiar snacks

• Phone - with camera and music

For Skiing

• Skis, boots and poles - children should definitely rent ski equipment, since it’s expensive and they quickly grow out of it.

• Ski jackets and salopettes - can be rented in the UK, or try and borrow if possible. Otherwise consider a one-piece suit for convenience

• Helmets – can normally be rented in resort

• Several pairs of thick socks

• Gloves

• Hats

• Sun block

• Ski goggles or sunglasses

• Vests and thermal pants


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